• Registration and welcome coffee

  • Opening of the conference

    Representative of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
    Sylwia Koch-Kopyszko, UPEBI, EBA

  • Legal environment regarding functioning in the biogas and biomethane industry

    Maciej Szambelańczyk, WKB Wierciński, Kwieciński, Baehr Sp. k.

  • Promotion of biomethane production and usage in Europe

    dr Attila Kovacs, European Renewable Gas Registry (ERGaR)

  • The most important changes in economy and environmental protection regulations affecting the functioning and development of the biogas industry

    Monika Ostrowska, Paweł Karwat – Bio-Industry

  • How to improve the conditions of running business in the biogas industry in Poland?– discussion panel with the participation of experts and decision makers organized in cooperation with IUNG-PIB in Puławy as part of the BioEcon project

    Agricultural biogas plants in Poland – current data

    Wojciech Rylski, Polish National Center for Agricultural Support

    • prof. Krzysztof Biernat, Automotive Industry Institute, Polish Biomethane Council
    • Marcin Nocoń, Polish Gas Company
    • Katarzyna Szwed-Lipińska, Director of the Renewable Energy Sources Department at the Polish Energy Regulatory Office
    • Jarosław Wiśniewski, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
    • prof. Janusz Wojdalski, Warsaw University of Life Sciences-SGGW, Polish Bio-Waste Council
    • Artur Zawisza, UPEBI
    • Representative of the Renewable and Distributed Energy Department at the Ministry of Energy


    • dr Alina Kowalczyk-Juśko, Lublin University of Life Sciences
    • dr Jerzy Kozyra, Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation (IUNG) in Puławy
  • Coffee break

  • Strategic Role of Biomethane

    Jan Štambaský, Forschungszentrum für Erneuerbare Gase (R2Gas)

  • 5 steps towards a successful biogas upgrading project

    Harmen Dekker, DMT Environmental Technology

  • IES BIOGAS: biogas and biomethane worldwide leading technology provider

    Tommaso Bazzaro, IES BIOGAS

  • Lunch

  • Cogeneration aggregates by CAGEN

    Mieszko Stubiński, CAGEN Sp. z o.o.

  • Where to look for support for biogas and biomethane projects?

    Jarosław Wojtowicz, Business Consulting Group Sp. z o.o.

  • Optimization of agricultural biogas plant and adaptation to receive a wide stream of substrates

    Tomasz Kajdan, BIOWATT S.A.

  • Experience of owners of biogas and biomethane installations – good practices related to the selection of substrates, digestate management, the use of heat and the production and use of biomethane

    Summary of the regional meetings of the Polish Bio-Waste Council

    Mirosław Kreczman, Eko Energia Broker Mirosław Kreczman

    • Andrzej Galiński, Biogal Sp. z o.o.
    • Mariusz Gołacki, DMG Sp. z o.o.
    • Henryk Ignaciuk, „Bio-Power” Sp. z o.o.
    • Tomasz Kajdan, BIOWATT S.A.
    • Jacek Koperski, Biogazownia Skarżyn Sp. z o.o.
    • Przemysław Krawczyk, agriKomp Polska sp. z o. o.


    • Sylwia Koch-Kopyszko, UPEBI, EBA
  • Gala dinner with the presentation of the prizes:

    Biogas Plant 2019
    Biogas Supplier of 2019

  • The potential of Ukraine in biogas

    prof. Vasyl V. Kostytsky, Ukrainian Association of Bioenergy and Electromobility (UABE)

  • Fermentation process control - basis of the success of biogas plant

    dr Artur Olesienkiewicz, POLBIOTECH LABORATORIUM Sp. z o.o.

  • Important features of the construction and operation of a biogas cogeneration aggregate in the context of the latest provisions of the RES Act

    Leszek Urban, HORUS-ENERGIA Sp. z o.o.

  • Biogas and biomethane projects: overcoming the financing challenges


  • Reduction of CO2 emissions in the biogas production process

    Izabela Samson-Bręk, Institute of Environmental Protection

  • TRMEW Obrót S.A. on the renewable energy market

    Sebastian Jabłoński, TRMEW Obrót S.A.

  • Biogas and biomethane installations in the Circular Economy

    Michał Ćwil, Gobarto S.A.

  • Effective development of agricultural biogas plants

    Paweł Danilczuk, Akademia Biogazu

  • Pump solutions in biogas production processes

    Wojciech Tuzimek, EKOHELP

  • Coffee break

  • Biogas upgrading to BioCNG/BioMethan

    Pavel Brož, MemBrain s.r.o.

  • Solar farms for entrepreneurs after the amendment to the RES Act

    Joanna Tabaka, T&T Proenergy Sp. z o.o.

  • Mixing systems in fermentation chambers

    Krzysztof Puzdrowski, ERICH STALLKAMP POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

  • Carbon footprint calculation - why will it be crucial for the agri - food industry?

    Anna Rozkosz, Polish Biocarbon and Agro Biomass Council, GHG Department at UPEBI

  • High performance fermentation technology for a wide stream of organic waste

    Bartosz Siewiński, Polskie Technologie Biogazowe Sp. z o.o.

  • Lunch


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2nd International Conference of Biogas and Biomethane Producers Green Gas Poland 2019
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